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Endodontics - inside (endo) the tooth (dontia). The dental pulp is the tissue (composed of nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues) contained within the tooth. It functions in the development of the tooth (the crown and roots) and it continues to provide nourishment, and sensory response throughout life. The specialty of Endodontics is devoted to the biology, physiology, pathology and treatment of the dental pulp.
Most common reasons a tooth may develop inflammation or infection:
  • Dental decay (large deep cavities)
  • Accumulative effects of placing several filling over time
  • Restorative insults to teeth (drilling, heat and desiccation)
  • Traumatic injury (accident)



Implants. One hundred percent you.


Naturally beautiful teeth talk, laugh and eat perfectly naturally. But life also leaves its traces here. Sometimes faster than you would think: a sports accident or a fall can leave a gap in your smile in an instant. Caries and periodontitis can cost you a complete row of teeth over the years. With our implant-borne solutions we offer you safe and esthetic solutions with high-quality materials, the best compatibility and proven throughout the world.




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