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Implants for single-tooth gaps. Naturally invisible.


It can happen very suddenly: an accident during sport or a fall while going about your normal life and a tooth is suddenly missing. Implants are a quick and easy solution in situations like this – a natural appearance and invisible. They feel like your natural tooth and function in the same way. The small strong titanium screws act just like the original root of your tooth. Your new, customized crown is fixed to the implant. The result is that everything looks perfectly normal again – natural appearance, as if nothing had happened.

Implants. The best solution from any point of view.


When the implant is placed it is in exactly the same position as your natural tooth. Particularly where it is not directly visible:  implants are designed to imitate the natural root of the tooth. The correct load is applied to the bone and the gum to shape them appropriately. Healthy teeth remain untouched and it is not necessary to grind them down to hold a fixed bridge in place. Small metal clasps around neighboring teeth are also not required as a supplementary retainer, as is required with removable partial dentures. All this is superfluous with implants – an all-round ideal solution.



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