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Implants for larger gaps. Obviously perfect.


Life leaves its traces, including on the teeth. A gap becomes larger or an older denture causes problems. Implants can make your teeth look perfectly natural again. Single-tooth implants are the best way to restore the original situation. Every tooth is replaced separately. If several teeth in sequence are missing, you can also decide to have an implant-borne bridge. Regardless of your preferred solution, the new tooth roots perform the same reliable function as your original teeth. A customized crown or bridge can close every gap precisely and with perfect esthetics – with no visible difference from your original teeth.

Implants. The best solution from any point of view.



Implants are an excellent solution – attractive, permanent and reliable. Healthy teeth remain untouched and it is not necessary to grind them down to hold a fixed bridge in place. Even if there is a gap at the end of a row – referred to as free-end edentulism – the tiny high-tech screws are the optimum solution. DENTSPLY Friadent implants are designed to imitate the natural root of the tooth. The correct load is applied to the bone and the gum to shape them appropriately. Visible clasps such as a re used with removable dentures are not required.
Implants can be placed immediately after extraction of teeth or at any time after. If a gap has been in place for an extended time, the bone may have become too thin or flat because of the lack of loading to hold an implant. In this case the bone can be built up again with tissue from your own body or with material that is identical to bone.



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