Good advice.

The first stage of every treatment is an intensive consultation. Your dentist will discuss in detail your initial situation, the treatment sequence and what you actually want and will answer your questions. You work with the dentist to define the best solution. The health and cost schedule will include a detailed list of costs for your specific implant treatment. The health insurance fund will calculate exactly what proportion you will have to pay and any reimbursement options.
Once the question of costs has been clarified and you have decided to have an implant, the actual treatment can be started. You will find the most important stages below.

Placement of the implants.

It normally takes no longer than 20 minutes to place a single implant. The routine procedure is carried out atraumatically under local anesthetic. If the tooth was lost some time previously, the gum over the planned position is carefully opened. Then the surgeon prepares an implant site in the bone and screws the root-analog implant into place. Now the healing phase in the bone starts. The implant should normally not be loaded during these weeks and month. The gum is carefully sutured over the implant. A standard temporary denture covers the gap exactly and with the same appearance as the original tooth.